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Watermark Pro for Adobe Photoshop CC (English)

Watermark one or more photos with one click with this simple to use panel.

Watermark one or more photos with one click with this simple to use panel.


Watermark one or more photos with one click with this simple to use panel.
For Photoshop CC / CC 2014 / CC 2015 / CC 2017 and CC 2018.

For a demo video and more visit http://pixelsucht.net/photoshop-watermark-cc-plugin-panel/

Problems with the installation?
This way: https://pixelsucht.net/photoshop-watermark-cc-plugin-panel/installation-and-troubleshooting/

You can find the german version here: http://pixelsucht.net/watermarkcc_ger/

Support Forum: http://pixelsucht.net/watermarkcc/forums/forum/support/

With Watermark CC Pro you are able to:

• Add a watermark (Text or Logo) to a single or multiple photos
• Choose font, color, size, opacity and position
• Resize Photo
• Sharpen Photo
• Custom Watermark Size
• Name the output-files on batch process
• Embed metadata (Copyright-Status, Copyright Notice, Copyright Info URL)
• Play an action
• Rotate the watermark



v 2.3 (August 2018)
- Fixed a bug on multiple images on a text signature and position middle left
v 2.2 (July 2018)
- Changed panel title from Watermark CC Pro to Watermark Pro
v 2.1 (November 2017)
- Fixes multiple issues with CC 2018
- Batch processing now shows a progress bar of the actual status
v 2.0.2 (01/16/2017)
- New Layout
- Play an action while watermarking
- Batch watermarking: define custom watermark size for landscape and portrait format images separately
- ”Save and close images” for ”Use open images”
- New option for rotating the watermark
- Options for resetting presets in the preferences
- Preview function completely rewritten
- Fixed an issue under Windows where the presets not worked
v 1.10 (8/11/2016)
- Major Bugfixes
v 1.0.9 (6/30/2016)
- Fix for batch watermarking with a image as logo in the right-bottom corner
v 1.0.8 (6/6/2016)
- New option ”Add stroke”. Add a stroke to a text watermark for better readability
- New Option for defining the vertical AND horizontal distance from the edge
- Bugfixes
v 1.0.7 (5/2/2016)
- Preferences will be saved
- Fix for Text-Watermarks with apostrophes
v 1.0.6 (4/4/2016)
- New option ”Preview” for batch processing
- Source- and Targetfolder will now be loaded correctly from presets
v 1.0.5 (3/18/2016)
- Create and manage your own presets!
v 1.0.4 (2/11/2016)
- Sliders are showing %
- Ability to name the output-files on batch process
- Ability to embed metadata (Copyright-Status, Copyright Notice, Copyright Info URL)
- GUI improvement
- Bug Fixes
v 1.0.3 (2/2/2016)
- Bugfixes
v 1.0.2 (12/17/2015)
- Redesign of the GUI. The panel is now smaller.
- New Options ”Use open Images” and ”Duplicate Image”
- Various Bugfixes.
v 1.0.1 (12/1/2015)
- New Option ”Include Subfolders of the Source Folder”
- Bug Fix: Font size for position middle left
v 1.0
- First release

The Panel will be installed through the Creative Cloud App.

Restart Photoshop and navigate to ”Window” -> ”Extensions” -> ”Watermark Pro”

Problems with the installation? Take a look here: http://pixelsucht.net/photoshop-watermark-cc-plugin-panel/installation-and-troubleshooting/

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